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Toxicity CRO - General Toxicity study

  • The term "single-dose toxicity test" refers to a test that qualitatively and quantitatively evaluates toxicity which appears within a short period of time when a test article is administered once to animals (including split doses administered within 24 hours).
  • The term "repeated-dose toxicity test" refers to a test in which a test article is repeatedly administered to animals to qualitatively and quantitatively evaluate toxicity which appears over a medium or long period.
  • Rodent/non-rodent single-dose toxicity (except inhalation toxicity)
  • Rodent/non-rodent Repeated-dose toxicity (except inhalation toxicity)
  • PO, SC, IM, IP, IV(bolus/infusion) and various routs of administration
Study types
  • Single-dose toxicity study
  • Repeated-dose toxicity study


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